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04. sierpnia 2011 09:08:00

I heared coach handbags until I graduated from university ,In my impression, coach handbag is vulgar when housewife,a group of girl student and few beauty lady bring a large C logo coach in supermarket. And in weekend coach factory outlet , peple queue up to purchasing coach outlet handbags. Fahion lady all feel coach is superficial in actually though some coach's colour is bright-coloured ,some are fashion.
Afterwards I know I'm fault in gradually, what I'm impression , that is not entirety ,not fair. I talk having a old woman colleague, she mentioned she like straightforward and no fashion handbags, so selecting vintage coach. I am so surprised, coach try best to follow the fashion , When it designed to "No fashion".
In fact , As America's most successful handbags brand. From the 60's to these days, Skilled a lot of change. My colleague is correct, In 60's coach, style is simple ,Leather strong durable. It should stated foundation of coach brand is High quality and heavy practical. Right after Bonnie Cashin join to coach ,making use of profusion color ,breaking tradition colour-black and brown. infusing vogue vitality
Compared with European loved ones history is short , but that's American fashion doyenne brand. Even part of the American culture. I read a book "The Official Preppy Handbook" (author is Lisa Birnbach). This book introduce the northeast elite culture in funny. "elite class" as preppy and WASP , which is means the United States after the first of the capitalist industrialization offspring. Who advocate standard, pay attention to appeal, rich but not flaunt, extravagant but not generating a great show. part of book about females deserve , detailed list a lot more than 20 piece of a preppy woman "necessary sheet is tasted" Amongst leather handbags as coach .
Bonnie Cashin laid a powerful foundation for Coach , depart from coach in 1974. Develop coach becoming a street brand ,running exclusive shop in planet , who is Lew Frankfort.
In lately , coach wish to acquiring rid of gingerbread tags. Do a lots of hard. For example , provide high price style , running stars street advertisement, enhance bags colour , minimize bags logo.But high cost style not accepted by men and women. Other people strategy get great results.
we're all know that coach produced from china. China not merely goods coach ,but also becoming the main consumption Coach. The organization lately monetary report, Coach of the shops on the quarter sales more than the same period last year, the United States fell 1.1%, Japan fell 3%, but mainly China's rapid growth, the leng global sales up 10%. Intelligent netizen acquire handbags from coach outlet online store, exactly where save plenty of funds.

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